Short Films


2006 | 22 min

In a city overrun by feral cats, an exterminator encounters a feral boy and becomes entangled in the struggle to save him. As his obsession with cat-boy intensifies, he uncovers animalistic urges which threaten his own position on the food chain.


Boys Grammar

2004 | 12min

School-yard bullying is taken to unimaginable extremes when a teenage boy is raped by his peers at a private boys boarding school. The teenager confronts his attacker only to find that he too is caught up in a viscious cycle of violence and abuse.



2006 | 8 min

A flight attendant on a Trans-Pacific flight asks the question: "what would you do with the last five minutes of your life?" And answers it in the worst-case scenario.



2003 | 9 min

Dupion is a fabric produced by two silk worms who together spend their lives spinning a double cocoon. The worms are submerged in boiling liquid and as their lives end, their cocoon is weaved into fabric.