Feature Flims


2015 | 93 min 

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In the cloistered world of competitive surf-lifesaving, an Australian hero is de-throned as the champion by a younger, gay competitor. A booze-fuelled night out brings homophobic fear and unrequited lust to a tragic and shocking climax. More...


Road Train

2010 | 90 min 

Four young friends on a camping adventure in outback Australia are run off the road by a road train – a massive and unrelenting two-trailer truck. Stranded amongst the wreckage of the near fatal crash, their only option is to approach the road train, now standing parked in the near distance. But the driver’s seat is empty and the truck appears abandoned. When gunshots break the silence they commandeer the monstrous vehicle and take to the road. They soon discover that what lies inside the trailers will prove more terrifying than anything they’ve experienced. The next town is only three hours away…but the next town is somewhere they might never reach.


Mayday Hill

Feature Film in Development | (Feel-reel) 

The abandoned Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum is well known for paranormal activity. When a couple, unaware of its reputation, move in to a house on the grounds, their presence invokes an evil long hidden in the asylum's walls. More...


Crazy Richard

2003 | 68 min

At eight years old, Richard Veed was the highest paid and most popular star on television. Five years later, he suffered a near-fatal drug overdose and was instantly forgotten. Now, aged 21, Richard attempts to recapture the spotlight as a promiscuous gay teenager in a late-night sitcom. A young filmmaker, Katrina Matters, is hired to shoot behind the scenes of Richard's new show and becomes entwined in the drama of his real life. It is her work that will truly expose Richard to the public, in graphic and shocking detail. As the cameras roll, the pressure builds and Katrina's voyeurism pushes the fallen angel too far. Crazy Richard is the tragic real-life story of the supernova of a star.


Short Films


2006 | 22 min

In a city overrun by feral cats, an exterminator encounters a feral boy and becomes entangled in the struggle to save him. As his obsession with cat-boy intensifies, he uncovers animalistic urges which threaten his own position on the food chain.


Boys Grammar

2004 | 12min

School-yard bullying is taken to unimaginable extremes when a teenage boy is raped by his peers at a private boys boarding school. The teenager confronts his attacker only to find that he too is caught up in a viscious cycle of violence and abuse.



2006 | 8 min

A flight attendant on a Trans-Pacific flight asks the question: "what would you do with the last five minutes of your life?" And answers it in the worst-case scenario.



2003 | 9 min

Dupion is a fabric produced by two silk worms who together spend their lives spinning a double cocoon. The worms are submerged in boiling liquid and as their lives end, their cocoon is weaved into fabric. 


Music Videos

DJ Play My Song by Cherri


All Falls Down by J Dwight


Days Gone By by The Dead Republic



Digital Kitchen: Making My Content Pay
Commissioned by Vivid Festival to explore the future of the screen industry.


A profile of a 19-year-old-Sydney University student who identifies as female despite being biologically male.




Go Fight Yourself
Commercial for Powerade


Talk It Out
Cinema and radio advertisement (with Frost* Design)